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DSC01008Order your Warm Hug today! 

Welcome to Warm Hug products! Here at Warm Hug, we believe that self-care is huge. We want you to take time for yourself throughout the month. It’s hard to give to anyone else if you haven’t first taken care of your own needs. As mothers, fathers, caregivers, students and more, we often forget to look after ourselves. We want to help you with that through our Warm Hug box.

It contains everything you need for a month of self-care (Check out the “What’s in the Box” page).

Here are just a few examples of ways people have used our Warm Hugs:

  • birthday gift for friends and family who live away
  • Mother’s Day gifts
  • a pick-me-up gift for the friend or family member who is facing some challenges
  • special celebration times like graduations, anniversaries
  • as a thank you gift


We ship to anywhere in Canada or the US. We design a different box for each month.

Thanks for dropping by! Feel free to tell your friends about us!