DSC00963The Magic of Plants and Scent
Interestingly, essential oils are not oil at all. They’re concentrated plant and herb elements that not only smell good, but have many beneficial properties. Scents can be incredibly powerful and can reach us emotionally and physically. Everyone has experienced the sensation of walking into a room and being enticed by a smell. Perhaps its the smell of good coffee, your favorite herbs or spices, the smell of the forest, the ocean, or a simple rose.
Here’s an example of how essential oils work. Everyone is aware that chamomile tea helps you relax and sleep well at night. However, this “good night” experience doesn’t have to be given though tea. A few drops placed on a cloth near your pillow, where you can be soothed by the aroma, is just as helpful.
Scents reach us on a very deep level and the idea behind our essential oil blends is to take these beneficial properties and deliver you a health boosting and comforting experience.
The concentrated nature of these products needs to be respected and we include, in every one of our bottled blends, a carrier oil for safety and ease of use. We also ensure that all of our oils are therapeutic grade for the highest quality. Your care is important to us.
Whether you chose to smell them on a cloth or place a few drops directly on your skin, these uplifting fragrances, will help give you a “warm hug” state of mind.

DSC00962The Benefits of Bath Salts

The health benefits of salt baths have been known for thousands of years, and were first observed by the ancient Greeks.  Our bath salts have many positive benefits. We create a blend of epsom 
salts, sea salt, and 
​therapeutic grade 

essential oils to get the maximum health benefits for you when you take your well deserved soak at the end of a hard day. Not only do they smell wonderful, but they have numerous benefits for your skin, mood, and general health.

The minerals founds in bath salts will cleanse and purify your skin. Not only will this help your skin to be smooth, soft, and supple, but they will also melt away your stress and harmful toxins, improve circulation, and help to bring balance to your body. 
Here’s a short list of their health benefits.
Magnesium: Helps reduce stress and fatigue.
Calcium: Important for healthy bones and regulating water retention.
​Potassium: Balances moisture levels in the skin.
​ ​
Bromide: Soothes muscles
Sodium: Manages the balance of fluid and a promotes a healthy nervous system.
The essential oils we add, will remain with you long after your time in the tub. They smell great, and will help you to relax and give you a sense of calm and peace, along with helping you to feel rejuvenated.