Post-Partum Box



We have launched a Post-Partum box for New Mothers.  It’s a single box, however, if you wish to purchase a subscription just put Post Partum in the comments section and we will include it as the first box of the subscription.
The box contains a bath salt sitz blend for easing those painful areas, a perineum spray of witch hazel and essential oils, soap, affirmations geared towards those first weeks as a new Mum, chocolate, a surprise, a lactation tea blend, a gemstone with properties to aid post-partum issues and a mascot for fun.


We are very pleased with this new box and we think you will be too.  Have a baby shower to go to?  Know a friend who just had a baby? Are you pregnant yourself?  This makes a lovely gift that they will come back to again and again.


1 Month Post Partum Box

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