We had the joy and privilege this month of having our Warm Hug box reviewed by Kelly Donovan, a fabulous You Tuber and the owner of the website Check out her review! We were so excited to have her input.

 “Since the boxes are different every month, I can send a Warm Hug to the same person over and over again, and it’s different each time! I love it! My aunt loved it when she received her surprise on Mother’s Day!”  -Tess Adams


“I love sending Warm Hugs to friends who I know are feeling overwhelmed with life. So this product is perfect for me. I just had to order one and they did all the rest! Easy, peezy! My girlfriend treated herself to a time-out with a hot bath, a cup of tea, and her chocolates.”  – T. Giffin

 We had a wonderful review this month by Review Mammy.  Have a look at what she had to say. –