What’s Inside our Boxes





Each of our Warm Hug boxes is $30 and includes the following

Affirmations-Set these where you can see them throughout the week and repeat them to yourself. 

 Tea –  The blend you will receive is handmade with the highest quality herbs..  We use loose tea so you may decide the strength of the brew.

A Gemstone – Each month you will receive a different gemstone with a description of it’s properties. Carry the stone with you throughout the month to receive the energetic vibrations from it, 

 Essential Oil Blend – therapeutic grade essential oils to uplift you. A couple of drops can be applied to your bath, you can put them straight on your skin as they are diluted with a carrier oil for safety, or you can put some on a piece of cloth and tuck it in your pillow.

Loose Tea Blend
Essential Oil Blend
Affirmation Cards


 Chocolate – For most of us, there is nothing that says comfort more, than a little dab of chocolate to brighten the day.

 And each month we include a surprise! No peeking!


Handcrafted Bath Salts and Soap – For that ultimate warm hug, sink into a bath with some of our sensuous bath salts and glycerine soap.  

Bath Salts

NEW: We are also now including a cozy pair of fuzzy socks.  Always a welcome idea for Fall and Winter. In the Spring and Summer, we will include a more light weight pair of socks for the season.